Want a doctor who will help you get there? You will be pleasantly surprised to find that "Dr. Patti" treats you as a whole person rather than a collection of symptoms. First and foremost she carefully listens to your story; what medications are you taking, kinds of foods you eat, exercise, and lifestyle and stress levels.


Prior to your initial consultation, you may be asked to have your hormone testing (saliva and/or blood) completed so that these results are available during your appointment. Laboratory testing includes measurement of all major hormones and when required thyroid and adrenal hormones.


Once your laboratory testing is completed you will undergo an evaluation with a detailed review of your laboratory results. This process enables Dr. Patti to create your unique hormone replacement therapy and monitor your response to hormonal and nutritional supplements. Follow-up visits will allow Dr. Patti to monitor your program. Necessary adjustments are made to create a customized program that meets your unique needs.

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