Dr. Patricia Beckstead, B.S., D.C.

Dr. Patricia Beckstead is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician. Currently retired, she was for many years a practitioner of functional medicine which approaches patient treatment by dealing with the cause of the disease, rather than just treating the symptoms of the disease. 


Dr. Beckstead designed Balancing Hormones Naturally, to offer customers an easy to understand approach to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for men and women.

Through her online site and store at BalancingHormonesNaturally.com, clients have access to natural non-prescription hormones and supplements, recorded lectures, books, videos, and articles. Dr. Beckstead has helped thousands of wellness seeking individuals find balance, good health and happiness.  


Dr. Beckstead graduated from National University of Health Sciences with a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Biology and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 1993. She founded the Wellness Institute of Nevada, a multidisciplinary holistic facility in 1994 and went on to develop the nationally recognized Balancing Hormones Naturally® clinic and online non-prescription hormone supplement company.


UNLV Educator

  • Divisions of Continuing Education

  • Class developer & educator: Healthy Living for Busy People: Mind, Body, Spirit



  • Health Watch

  • Nevada Woman Magazine

  • Spine Facts

  • Weekly columnist in the Henderson Home News Publication

  • Beyond the Glitter - An award winning novel about domestic abuse

  • 12 Step Journal - An award winning recovery workbook

  • Balancing your Hormones in an Estrogen Dominant World

  • Balancing your Hormones for Weight Loss

  • Balancing Hormones Naturally

  • How to Build Your Practice with Hormones



  • St. Rose Dominican Hospitals

  • Barbara Greenspun WomensCare Center of Excellence

  • Central Christian Church

  • Weekly public lectures in Henderson and Las Vegas Nevada

  • National University of Health Sciences

  • Numerous civic and medical conventions throughout the United States


Radio Show Host/Guest

  • KKVV Talk Radio Las Vegas

  • 1440 KMAJ AM - Jim Cates #1 Northeast Kansas Talk Radio Show


Health Fair Director / Insurance Carrier Preferred Provider

  • St. Rose Dominican Hospitals

  • Barbara Greenspun Womens Care Center of Excellence

  • Boyd Group and Station Casino Hotels

  • National University of Health Sciences

  • Independent clinics in the greater Chicago area

  • Most major health insurance providers in southern Nevada

  • Wellness Event Concepts



TOLL FREE: 800-489-5933


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