USP Progesterone Cream:

The foundation of hormone balancing and is essential for younger women who suffer with Estrogen Dominance causing symptoms of PMS, PCOS and other related conditions. Most women are progesterone deficient and suffer needlessly as a result. 


Bioidentical Progesterone Cream has been shown to:

• Prevent bone loss & lower your risk of osteoporosis

• Relieve hot flashes & night sweats

• Increase libido (testosterone booster)

• Regulate mood swings & decrease depression

• Enhance weight loss & reduce insomnia

• Lower risk of breast and prostate cancers

• Normalize Estrogen Dominance (estrogen blocker)

• Relieve bloating, migraines, breast tenderness

• Reduce carbohydrate & sugar cravings

• Produce a calming, anti-anxiety effect

• Decrease PMS symptoms & regulate menstrual flow

• Decrease cramping and miscarriages

• Reduce fibrocystic breast disease & uterine fibroids

• Promote vaginal lubrication, reduce dry skin

• Improve memory and concentration

• Help prevent incontinence & endometriosis

• Reduce chronic fatigue & hair loss


A Serotonin precursor, is very popular among women who battle PMS and other hormone deficiencies. 5-HTP offers relief of:

• Depression
• Insomnia
• Anxiety
• Eating Disorders
• Adrenal Support
• Stress
Research shows 50 mg of 5HTP is as effective as or better than the state of the art anti-depressive drugs for clinical depression with no side effects.


Human Growth Hormone HGH:

The PMS Survival Kit has our new and improved HGH Spray which provides a safe and economical way to enjoy the weight loss and health restoring benefits of Human Growth Hormone without the risks of injections!


Clinical trials have shown HGH to offer the following benefits in men and women:

• Supports weight loss

• Improves skin elasticity

• Helps reduce wrinkles

• Improves Energy Levels

• Improves Sleep

• Improves Sex Drive

• Improves Muscle Tone

• Improves Mood

• Improves Immune System

• Improves Memory and Focus

• Improves oxygen uptake

• Helps prevent osteoporosis

• Revitalizes body functions


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  • USP Progesterone Cream: (4 oz., 500mg per oz.)

    5-HTP: (100mg, 60 capsules)

    HGH - Human Growth Hormone: (1 oz. spray)


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