Plant Seeds of Health to Harvest Wellness

Spring is nature’s way of saying, “let’s party!”

– Robin Williams

Spring is truly a time to bloom in every sense of the word. It’s when nature celebrates life after a long winter’s hibernation. It’s a time of rebirth or renewal, rebuilding, rejuvenation, and blossoming with pent-up energy from a worn out season.

As the short days of winter pass, the cold weather which dried the earth and our skin gives way to brighter days and new beginnings. No more comfort food, forgoing outdoor activities, early beckoning to bed, or stale energy locked up behind closed windows. Mother Nature reawakens and beckons us to do the same. The sunshine on a fresh, clean spring morning can be exhilarating and brightens our mood but can also lighten up dark corners revealing things we overlooked all season. A few extra pounds, a dull winter complexion, stressed relationships, a little dust in the bedroom, and a lack of energy make us eager to spring clean our homes and our lives.

Cabin fever begs us to breathe new life into our body, mind and soul. As the fresh smells of spring stimulate our senses we are drawn to improve all aspects of our lives. If we don’t heed nature’s call or neglect our spring gardening, our health will wither and we won’t fully enjoy wellness or the seasons of our lives.

Health is a state of body but wellness is a state of being.

Modern day Integrative Medicine, which encompasses both Eastern and Western philosophies on wellness includes 6 major areas of our lives; mind-body awareness, diet, physical and emotional health, detoxification, and dietary supplementation. This holistic approach will help you reap the maximum benefits of what you sow, now and in the future. Pruning these 6 components in your garden will maximize all efforts in regenerating health, creating wellness, increasing longevity and speeding recovery from a long dormant winter. You will harvest improved energy, vitality, youthfulness, memory, healthy body weight and happiness with reduced stress, internal/environmental toxicity, and the risk of developing ongoing winter symptoms and conditions.

Mind-body Awareness

Natural forms of medicine and awareness of the mind-body connection is by no means new. Until approximately 300 years ago, virtually every system of medicine throughout the world treated our mind and body as a whole. But during the 17th century, the Western world started to see the mind and body as two distinct entities.

This Western viewpoint had definite benefits, acting as the foundation for advances in surgery, trauma care, pharmaceuticals, and other areas of allopathic medicine. However, it also greatly reduced scientific inquiry into our emotional and spiritual life, and downplayed their innate ability to heal. Extensive research now confirms the medical and mental benefits of meditation, mindfulness training, yoga, essential oils, and other mind-body practices. Adding these tools to your gardening shed will surely produce a bountiful wellness harvest.

Physical and Emotional Health

Expand your horizon and experience the most popular alternative medicine modalities such as Chiropractic, Homeopathic, and Naturopathic medicine. These branches of medicine integrate several aspects of the mind-body connection or holistic school of thought, while incorporating new health innovations and ancient techniques or practices that can positively impact health and happiness for the rest of your life.

The latest social media statistics of Integrative Holistic leaders are impressive and prove the popularity of alternative medicine practitioners. Andrew Weil, M.D. has 318,042 Facebook fans, 22,500 Youtube subscribers, and 3,241,669 views. Deepak Chopra, M.D. has 1,889,150 Facebook fans and Joseph Mercola, D.O. had 57,550,611 Youtube views (that’s equal to the number received by the National Institutes of Health). And finally, the late Wayne Dyer, M.D. has the best-selling book of all time, ͞Your Erogenous Zones͟ which sold over 35 million copies!

For your emotional health, nourish your established relationships and build new ones with personal connections and business affiliates. Enjoy play and relaxation groups, take advantage of opportunities to share with like minded individuals in healthy and supporting organizations such as Defining Women, and most of all make quiet and restoring time for you.

Diet, detoxification and supplementation

Taste and explore natural health promoting foods and supplements including juicing, herbs, vitamins, botanicals and anti-aging hormones - all available in your local supermarket. Become aware of the toxic chemicals and hormones in our modern world that play havoc with our natural hormone balance resulting in many symptoms of poor health, early aging, and disease. Think of food as medicine. The old adage is true, you are what you eat. Incorporate the latest apps and devices such as Fitbit and myfitnesspal to monitor your diet and fitness goals while you progress toward a younger, healthier, and more fit you.

Dr. Patricia Beckstead, B.S., D.C. is a holistic physician and graduate of the National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL. She is the founder of Balancing Hormones Naturally – She is a published award winning author, speaker, and expert in holistic healthcare issues for women. She also founded and was CEO of the Wellness Institute of Nevada, one of the leading multidisciplinary wellness clinics in Nevada for many years. Most importantly, she is a wife, mother and grandmother.

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