Weight Loss Wednesday

Not Losing the Weight?

In a great article I found in the Huffington Post, Author Abby Langer sites 5 reasons, including exchanging hunger cues for your calorie counting app and focusing too much on the number on the scale, for not losing the weight we desire.

Setting yourself up to win on the weight loss front starts with having a full understanding of how your body works, what it needs, and by developing a sustainable lifestyle of choices. Understanding the part your hormones play in weight loss or weight gain is crucial, especially if you suffer with symptoms of hormone imbalance such as PMS or menopause.

In addition to reading the article listed below, I can help you get a grip on your hormones and help you reach or maintain a healthy weight. It’s easy once your hormones are balanced! We all have our up days and down days, however, for the long run, being aware of the various factors that go into you achieving your optimum health will work to your advantage from both a physical and mental stand point in your weight loss journey. I invite you talk with me about where you are now and where you want to be.

For a full look at the article go to: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/abby-langer/how-to-lose-weight_b_5315959.html

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