We may all feel the pinch when it comes to completing our never-ending “to do” lists, but there’s no reason why you can’t sustain soaring energy. Here are a few tips on how to reserve your get-up-and-go vivacity:


1.Get enough sleep. Dedicate at least seven hours to sleep per night. It may be tough to work it into your schedule, but the commitment must come from within. When you’re well rested, it provides you with energy throughout the day. 


2.Get moving. Isn’t it funny that you need to expend energy to get energy? That’s how exercise works, by giving you a boost in energy levels and helping you sleep more soundly. 


3.Carve out some downtime. Closing the office or bedroom door for even 15 minutes to focus on yourself adds valuable time to your life. When you make time for yourself, it improves your well being and direction to focus on other things in life.

4.Just say no. No matter what your job is, we’re all maxed out at one time or another. Learn how to gingerly say “no” to projects you won’t be able to complete, party invitations, or even household chores.


5.Eat well. Start off with a sound breakfast composed of fruits, veggies, whole-grain carbs and lean protein. If you weight is in control, include at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables sprinkled throughout the re


st of the day, and curb high-sugar and fat intakes that make you groggy.


6.Supplement. Sometimes we all could use a lift—make sure to get enough B- vitamins, which assist in the body’s ability to process carbohydrates for energy. A basic multiple vitamin and mineral supplement  is a good start to cover your bases, as is a B-complex since B vitamins are water soluble and are not stored in the body (with the exception of B12). Adequate iron and protein also helps to maintain vitality. A magnesium deficiency could also be responsible for stealing your energy.


7.Hormones. Hormone imbalance is becoming the norm today with all the cancer causing estrogens found in our environment and our stressful lifestyles. Stress depletes progesterone and increase cortisol causing all kinds of problems, particularly poor health. Here are two BalancingHormonesNaturally.com products that will help:

  • USP Progesterone Cream – balances with estrogen to restore energy, health, and wellness. Adrenogen – adrenal support to offset the effects of stress.