PMS is Not Normal!

PMS is NOT normal!


For years now, some women have come to believe that PMS is just part of being a women, thereby; perpetuating the idea that women just need to batten down the hatches for a week or so (often longer), and just suffer.  Her family will, also, just have to deal with the impending storm, hoping it will pass sooner, rather than later.  This is NOT a way to live and is NOT necessary any longer! 


The not-so subtle hormonal changes associate with your monthly cycle are the real issues, not you or your behaviors- and are the result of our unhealthy environment.   So how can you get a proverbial grip and essentially break the cycle of frustration and blame?


#1 Understand that your body is going through abnormal hormonal fluctuations mostly the result of your environment and you can get help with alleviating or eliminating your symptoms.  


#2 Record your symptoms.  This will help you more closely determine what is really happening and what direction to go to get the relief you deserve.


#3 Give yourself a break.  Take it easy on yourself and on your family too.  There might be real issues that get magnified and blamed on PMS.  Take time to address them at some point when you are feeling balanced and calm.  


#4 Add USP progesterone cream to your good-health routine and you will be amazed at how quickly symptoms of PMS can go away!


Remember, you can do something about your symptoms of PMS.  You deserve it!


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