I Love Feeling Sexy!

Laurie ~Las Vegas, NV

I love feeling sexy with these awesome hormones. And my energy is crazy!

PMS No More!

Las Vegas, NV

I love these bio-identical hormones because they allow me to feel my best each and everyday!

I Thought I Was Losing My Mind!

Kelly ~Henderson, NV

I never thought that age 48, I would be entering into menopause, but I was. Dr. Patti put me on her menopause formula and progesterone cream and my hot flashes have literally stopped.  I now need to apologize to everyone and ask for forgiveness!

I Love Living A Healthy Lifestyle

Las Vegas, NV

I love your bio-identical progesterone cream that you put me on.  It allows me to continue to lead the health lifestyle that I am use to.  Thank you!

Weight Loss Made Simple

Pat ~Las Vegas, NV

Your hormone regimen helped us both lose weight faster and easier than we both imagined ever possible.

I Feel Better Than Ever!

Kathlyn ~Henderson, NV

These wonderful hormones give me the energy I need to keep my business going AND enjoy playing with my granddaughter too.

I'm Loving Life

Donna ~ Somonoauk, IL

I don't know how I lived before without balancing my hormones. These hormones are so easy to use and I don't have to worry about side effects. I love them! Spending time with my beautiful grand kids is even better now. I'm loving this stage of life!

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A Mans Point of View

I came to Dr. Patti's seminar about 3 months ago. I have since been using the Progesterone Cream and DHEA. I really wasn’t expecting much since, being a guy, I didn’t have the problem of hot flashes and night sweats. But I was willing to try. The biggest thing for me is that I wake up in the morning awake. For most of my life I would wake up in the morning asleep. It would take me at least an hour to painfully drag myself out of bed. This has been such a big problem for me that I arranged my life around it.










I could never keep a job where I needed to get there on time at 8am so I switched my securities analyst career to leading edge software designer where I could show up at any time and stay late. Then I switched it again to doing business turnarounds in my own consulting firm where I would never start before 1pm. I was always envious of people that could get up bright and cheery in the morning. Since I’ve been taking the DHEA and Progesterone Cream something changed in my body and I wake up awake after 7 hours of sleep. That’s amazing. My body is working like it should! Thank you.

Jay Veneaux – Las Vegas, Nevada

Struggling with Weight Gain

For eight years, I have suffered from fatigue, night sweats and weight gain. Nothing over the counter worked until I met Dr. Patti almost 31/2 months ago. My hot flashes and night sweats which I’ve had for years disappeared immediately on her products! I have more energy now and I lost 17 pounds already. Losing weight is a lot easier when the hormones are balanced. Dr. Patti’s diet is easy to follow and I am not hungry between meals. I can even go out to dinner with my boyfriend and stay on my diet. Dr. Patti is a wonderful woman who put me at ease immediately. She is intelligent and really knows her stuff. I would recommend her and her products to everyone.

Karen Salk – Las Vegas, Nevada

Got My Life Back

I found Dr. Beckstead’s advertisement in my neighborhood magazine at a time when I was just about to give up trying to find a doctor who could help me. I had been to several doctors and nothing seemed to help. I was taking bio-identical hormones from the compounding pharmacy which helped at first but then my symptoms began to get worse. I eat pretty healthy and exercise regularly but I was gaining more weight every month. My personality began to change so much that it was becoming hard on my family and even my co-workers. My hot flashes were keeping me awake at night and my energy level kept going down until finally I was feeling frustrated and helpless! I went to see Dr. Beckstead and she put me on a hormone balancing program. She changed my diet a little bit and gave me the hormones that my body obviously needed. I felt better right away. It was amazing! Best of all, I kept feeling better each week and it has been months now and I still feel great. I am grateful that I finally got my life back. Thank you Dr. Beckstead.

Donna Ross – Henderson, Nevada


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